One of our big projects for 2017 will be to launch an online Bible education platform. Because of the limited human resources, our various contacts being spread far from each other across Sweden, and growing interest for more indepth teachings, we will be putting togethervideo lessons and downloadable material in Swedish, with core and in-depth teachings. This will allow our contacts to access valuable content and potentially reach hungry souls all across the country.

To achieve this goal we need your help. First through prayers, that God gives us wisdom to make right decisions to efficiently accommodate through our activities with strength and endurance the long term and demanding task of work required for this endeavor. Pray also for creativity as we want the content to be of quality, modern and attractive.

We also need your help with finances as we need around 2000 € to buy filming equipment so we can offer quality and attractive content. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us spread the Good News and reach our country. Simply click on the link below to make a donation.

If you simply wish to make a one-time donation to support our daily work, simply click on the button below